6 Church Street
Hayfield, High Peak
SK22 2JE

We're slap bang in the middle of Hayfield, opposite Millie's Tea Room, one door down from the chippie, two doors down from The George pub and and one door up from the church. Sin with the demons of drink, fried food and cake, cavort with mammon in the gallery and then repent, a grand day out! 

Parking is hopeless, but what do you expect in an oldy-worldy village. Everything will be fine as long as you can accept things of this type without having a hissy fit. 

Hayfield is not without a few great reasons to visit. A hub for walkers and mountain-bikers, the village has lots of watering holes and a few shops. We'll add links and more info when we get time :)

  • The Packhorse (pub)
  • The Royal Hotel (pub with rooms)
  • The George Hotel (pub with rooms)
  • The Sportsman (pub with rooms)
  • The Kinder Lodge (pub with rooms)
  • Rosie Lee Tearoom
  • Millie's Tea Room & B&B
  • The Village Store & Post Office
  • Hayfield News
  • Clippers Hair Salon
  • Upper House (wedding venue)
  • Shaw's sweet & gift shop
  • The Chemist
  • Lomas & Lomas Interiors
  • The Village Chippy
  • A camp site
  • A few others we forgot...


t: 01663 741835

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