Elephantstones in Copenhagen! 

Copenhagen... ...very cool, very flat - the biggest hill was the new footbridge over to Cristiania. Biking is big. 

Level with Glasgow, the weather was perfect for sitting outside with a blanket and a beverage, the favourite Danish way to watch the world go by.

Nørrebro is where the vintage shops were to be found, north west of the centre of Copenhagen, just over the lakes. We rooted around in shops that ranged from the neatly curated to those piled impenetrably high with all the things we love. We bought lots of suitcase friendly wonders.

We saw... great art from Yoko Ono, Ragnar Kjartansson, Bruce Nauman and an amazing installation by Carsten Nicolai at the Copenhagen Contemporary to Ibrahim Mahama's powerful transformation of Nyhavn with 12x120m of jute sacks. The Copenhagen Design museum laid out the masterful restraint of great Scandinavian design. 

We ate too much... we embraced new Nordic cuisine at 108 (a now permanent restaurant arising from a "pop up" at Noma), caramelised milk skin and pineapple weed... We did not make it off the waiting list to dine at the worlds best restaurant, Noma... but we did manage to enjoy traditional open sandwiches at Restaurant Schønnemann, washed down with schnapps and beer. The drinks menu gave these descriptions of the schnapps sizes: small/embarrassing ca. 2 cl. normal ca. 4 cl. large/reasonable ca. 6 cl. We went with normal. Breakfast at Atelier September, eggy dip has never been so good.

We ran... well, one of us jogged along the waterfront from the Mermaid to Cristiania Freetown, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood - you are now leaving the EU.

See you next time Scandinavia, here's hoping the exchange rate is more friendly :)